Christmas berry

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spiny evergreen shrub of southeastern United States having spreading branches usually blue or mauve flowers and red berries

ornamental evergreen treelike shrub of the Pacific coast of the United States having large white flowers and red berrylike fruits

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Recipes are easy to follow and cover the full range of holiday dining needs, from appetizers such as pesto cheese sticks and spinach empanadas, to soups such as caramelized onion and gingered carrot, to sumptuous desserts, including Christmas berry mocha fudge and dark chocolate truffles.
One of the island shrubs (Ceanothus) has significantly lower concentrations of the compounds than the mainland version, while the island Christmas berry (Heteromeles) actually has more tannin for part of the year.
Hikers will spot ceanothus, mountain mahogany, yucca, California lilac, manzanita, black sage, holly-leaf cherry, sumac, chamise, serviceberry, lemonade berry, Christmas berry, wild buckwheat, sticky-leaf monkey flower, popcorn flower, woolly blue curls, dudleya, owl's clover, blue-eyed grass, ferns and a shady grove of bays, oaks and sycamores.
Toyon or Christmas berry (Heteromeles arbutifolia), shown on page 43, grows as a dense, evergreen shrub 6 to 10 feet tall or a multitrunked small tree 15 to 25 feet tall; with pruning, it can be trained to a single trunk.
Soon to come will be red berries that are as vibrant as any Christmas berry, just smaller.