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prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976)

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This success is a testament of our engineering capability as well as our ongoing commitment to delivering customer-focused solutions, and our presence at ISE highlighted what Christie offers in the marketplace.
The potential for $2-5 billion cost overruns was something that was unacceptable for me to contemplate," Christie (http://www.
Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie's grandson, who looks after the Agatha Christie Archive said: "My family and I are delighted to share some of our favourite images and quotations of my grandmother Agatha Christie with you.
Authorities are looking into twin scandals -- an alleged plot to manufacture traffic jams as political retribution by Christie loyalists and alleged threats by two members of his Cabinet to hold up a riverfront city's storm recovery funds unless its mayor approved a favored redevelopment project.
The authors use upbeat phrases like "humorous crime-buster," "blunt establishment challenger," and "a leader since childhood" to describe Christie, especially in comparison to his Democratic predecessor, Jon Corzine.
The move is a logical expansion of Christie + Co in the pharmacy sector, enlarging its register of pharmacies for sale into the the largest one in the country, said David Rugg, CEO of Christie Group and chairman of Christie + Co.
The company offered artists the use of his auction house to exhibit their works and enjoyed the friendship of leading artists such as Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Chippendale--who designed Christie's auction podium--and Thomas Gainsborough, who painted the famous portrait of Christie that now hangs in the J.
Christie made some headlines going after political corruption; to no one's surprise, prosecutable officials are more common than tollbooths in New Jersey.
The case was named for the bank robber's distinctive side-to-side gait, but Christie's family has contended all along that the FBI surveillance photos never looked like Christie.
This property is truly one of the most unique finds in The Bahamas," says John Christie of H.
Christie chose a dot-covered comforter for her bed.
Two more excellent Agatha Christie murder mysteries add to and enhance the Christie routines.
While not a mystery, dedicated fans of Agatha Christie's works won't want to miss Andrew Eames' The 8:55 To Baghdad: From London To Iraq On The Trail Of Agatha Christie: it's the perfect nonfiction accompaniment for Christie fans.
Jon Christie, commercial director of the water technology business at ERCO says he can easily imagine an increase in the use of chlorine dioxide in potable water throughout North America in the next two or three years and the Thunder Bay ERCO plant is poised to capitalize on the market.
VENTURA- Citing a policy forbidding gang attire, Ventura County Fair officials barred Hells Angels spokesman George Christie from entering the grounds Saturday evening.