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adapt in the name of Christianity

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convert to Christianity


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Rubin (Professor of Sociology, University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, Connecticut) is a 424 page compendium that provides a fresh perspective on Protestant missionaries to the neighboring tribes and how the Christianized natives lived, experienced, and practiced their new faith.
As Europe became Christianized, the pagan holidays lost their religious character and either changed into popular secular celebrations, as with May Day, or were merged with or replaced by new Christian holidays as with Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and All Saint's Day.
From that point, Crimea was Christianized, not just in terms of the landscape and in the Russian imagination, but literally in terms of population.
Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Varna Bishop Kiril have exchange warm niceties and praises, with the bishop going as far as comparing Borisov with the ruler who christianized the First Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century.
These were written in Nahuatl, using Latin script, by natives who were Christianized.
He destroyed all archeological localities, he filled Skopje with monuments, he completely Christianized Macedonia with churches and crosses.
Of the five top major producers and distributors of small arms and heavy weapons, four (France, Great Britain, Russia and the United States) are from the Christianized West, while the fifth, China, is a nation with a long, ethnically rich history.
The masses were Christianized, not principally by evangelization, but by the habitus of conformity dictated by submission to episcopal authority.
A very small portion of the book (an eight-page chapter) explores how a Christianized China might change the global balance of power.
We have been massacred, jailed, raped, Christianized.
The Goths Christianized by Ulfilas did not seek to overturn imperial authority, nor did the Goths under Alaric seek the end of the empire.
Due to the unique culture these slaves developed in the Beaufort area, much of their African culture became part of their American experience as they became Christianized to an extent even deeper than their slave masters intended.
By changing the root metaphor, it appears, [the friars] Christianized a continent," Dr.
Halfway through the book, Ziolkowski inserts a separate chapter on Ovid as "The Ur-Exile," looking back at the Christianized Ovid of the Middle Ages.
The Franciscans Christianized the pueblos, and suppressed the native animistic religion, notably the worship of the kachinas, which was essentially ancestor worship.