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conversion to Christianity

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The Head of State emphasized that being a wise and visionary statesman, Prince Volodymyr has realized the powerful potential of Christianity and made a choice in favor of Christianization of Rus that laid a firm foundation for the Ukrainian state.
The Christianization of Kievan Rus began in 988, and is associated with Prince Vladimir, who has since been given the title 'Great' by the state, sainthood by the Church, and the epithet 'Red Sunlette' by the people.
Among the topics are varieties of religious communication in the rhetoric of Loukianos of Samosata, the pseudo-Clementine Recognitions and religious life in fourth-century Syria, whether Edessa or Adiabene was the gateway for the Christianization of Mesopotamia, reflections on images of animals from south Syria in the Roman imperial period, and thoughts on the meaning of a "decorative" early Christian mosaic.
During the Christianization of Britain, missionaries would commonly incorporate pagan observances into the Christian calendar to ease the process of conversion.
Recently, we celebrated a significant holiday - 1025 th anniversary of christianization of Kievan rus'.
Saleh appealed to the official bodies and the community to take a stand against the Christianization to find a solution problem and argued that governments efforts in this regard are timid compared to missionaries' efforts.
Bury:1930) It is known that medieval ages have gained their being and civilization from three main origins: the first of them is the classical heritage in general and Romanian in particular, the second is the Christianization and the third is Goths.
She draws attention to some of the practices that disappeared with the Christianization of the region c.
Methodius, laid the foundations for the cultural identity of the Bulgarian, Russian, and other Slavic nations, and the first missionaries in Russia, who brought the new Christian values, were the Bulgarian priests," the Russian Patriarch stated, apparently referring to the key role that Bulgarian clergymen in the Christianization of Kievan Rus, the first Russian state in the Middle Ages, in the 10th and 11th century.
Recultivating the Vineyard: The Reformation Agendas of Christianization.
Albanian citizens are unpleasantly surprised by the fact that project "Skopje 2014" is slowly turning into a way of Christianization in Macedonia.
He wants "to show how one may follow, roughly from Jesus to Mohammad, the transformation of the very concept of religion" that was at the heart of the Christianization of the Empire and marked the foundation, first, of the three medieval cultures (Byzantium, Islam, and the Latin West) and, eventually, of European culture (1-2, 6).
The Christianization of Epicureanism, furthermore, implies that mortalism should not be considered even a necessary condition for Epicureanism.
3) Jules Monchanin and Henri le Saux saw ah Indian Benedictine ashram as a contribution to "the Christianization of Indian civilization, an historical undertaking comparable to the Christianization of Greece.
They also called families to "fight those Christianization organizations prevailing in Yemen under the pretext of doing charity for the government and Muslims.