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conversion to Christianity

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12) For example, this phase or layer of Christianization is missing from Christopher Haas's nine-point schema of the process.
3) To what extent did the Christianization of the slaves and free people of color help create a common creole culture, or did the persistence of African religion among the oppressed, and the allegiance of the free colored to the European missionary chapels, maintain "Two Jamaicas,"(4) or even Three Jamaicas, in a state of continuing conflict?
A further consequence of Klingshirn's focusing his analysis of Christianization in terms of the polarity between 'organized' and 'community' religions is that it fails to pick up the most crucial ways in which Christianity did differ from pagan religions - even from the oriental mystery religions which, like it, were transregional.
Since this offhanded challenge to new research in the field, the Christianization of the late ancient and early medieval West has been the subject of several excellent studies.
Here the Christianization of this Jew is complete, as the body itself gives evidence.
And while one can appreciate Russell's point that looking at christianization during the earlier Middle Ages from the perspective of the debate between John Van Engen and Jacques Le Goff about christianization in the later Middle Ages obscures the cultural processes going on in the earlier era, it is still valid to inquire to what degree the syncretism occurring during the earlier time was a function of the absence of a Latin trained clergy concerned to inhibit it.
It seems to have anticipated by more than a century the Christianization of urban society.
Religious Practices and Christianization of the Late Antique City (4th-7th Cent.
In chapter 5, "The Religious Landscape and Monastic Identity," Arnold shows how Stavelot-Malmedy recalled its role in the Christianization of the Ardennes and the establishment of sacred places as a means of asserting its control over its environment.
Topics such as artistic depictions of holy subject matter, Deist uprising and controversy in Britain, the effects of the printed word on knowledge and religion, and Native American Christianization are covered.
Bowes hopes "to reexcavate the private" (2), private churches and private worship, in an effort to expose evidence that has been missing from academic reconstructions of Christianization.
These missionary efforts could better be described as Christianization rather than evangelization, for their basic objective was the incorporation of these peoples into a monocultural Christendom and their submission to Spanish civil and ecclesiastical authorities.
While Christianization, Hispanization, and civilization interlock uneasily, it is the last of these, with its specifically European dictates, that gains effective preeminence.
Cebu City (PNA) - Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma is asking the faithful to prepare for a series of jubilees in 2015, including the 450th year of the Christianization of the country.
While the bishops transformed the complexion of political power through the Christianization of kingship, they were themselves transformed by virtue of living in the Christianized state that they helped create.