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6) Nevertheless, it remains the responsibility of the Christian community to strive for better understanding of what the idea of the human person means in terms of the Christian theological tradition.
The most recent effort to address the major theological challenges connected with the fundamental change in the Christian theological perspective relative to Judaism and the Jewish people involved a group response with a measure of official Catholic institutional support.
30) Christian theological teaching methodologies in the past were largely overshadowed by the teaching ideals and methods of such Buddhist monastery education so that most seminary and Bible school' teachers have become accustomed to practice only depository or banking methods rather than participatory teachings methods.
First, I seek to contribute certain insights to Christian theological understandings of the significance and meaning of the crucifixion.
Beginning with the observation that demonic corporeality was not universally accepted in the Middle Ages and thus needed constant reinforcement, Stephens shows how "scholastic pornography" was related to Christian theological issues of materiality.
It should not be denied that the biblical tradition is the proper standard for Christian theological thought, even if we have come to realize that God does not dwell within the words of the Scriptures in the way the Reformers and their successors for many generations saw it.
Among specific topics are towards a transhumanist Christian theological anthropology, insight into extreme longevity from three Chinese spiritual traditions, religious engagements with the precautionary and proactionary principles, critical transhumanism as a religious ethic of otherness, and implications of transhumanism for elite sport's spiritual dimension.
Beyond comparing what Ramanuja and Schleiermacher have to say about "absolute dependence," Sydnor wants to demonstrate that comparative theology can raise new research questions and stimulate Christian theological reflection.
The role of Augustine in the Christian theological tradition is undeniable but far from indisputable.
8) One of the fundamental 21st century questions for theological education in Asia is how Christian theological education will dialogue with those of different or no faith traditions.
The author counters that the answer to scientific determinism is a Christian theological anthropology.
of Oxford) argues in his study of social justice in the Old Testament that in spite of the ideological character of the ideas and concepts expresses, they may contain the seeds that can help develop of Christian theological approach to global and social injustice.
Bacote, assistant professor of theology at Wheaton College, is president of the Christian Theological Research Fellowship and co-editor of Evangelicals and Scripture, a collection of essays.
Those who publicly engage in Christian theological reflection that is intended to be accountable to Jewish-Christian relationships or dialogue will have to be prepared to take risks and to accept mistakes.
Scholars of religion explore such aspects of it as an ecological theology of the Trinity in the tradition of Athanasius, pneumatology in the light of the global environmental crisis, the suffering of God's creatures, whether human beings are at home on Earth, and a Christian theological discourse on integral life in the context of Asian civilization.
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