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Just like those Christian theologians or their Muslim or Jewish or Hindu counterparts, my musings in that museum were not in willful negligence but in deliberate defiance of those raging fires of hatred and violence, sectarianism and jingoistic nationalism.
The church will be enriched, the culture will be enriched, and the kingdom of God will be well served if more of these theologians who are already seeding the marketplace were Christian theologians and if more of these Christian theologians were deeply formed by theological training.
As with the chapters on feminism and liberation theology, those on theology of religions demonstrate an important trend in Christian theology that finds God in the experience and voices of those people whom Christian theologians have customarily ignored.
In chapters 2-3 he discusses Christian theologians, European and South Asian, from the modern period, beginning with Bonhoeffer and continuing with Devanandan, Neill, Kraemer, M.
But most Christian theologians and historians who address the topic either dismiss the possibility or propound conspiracy theories, often of Christian origins.
Orthodox Christian theologians and philosophers present a range of perspectives on the Orthodox attitude toward the environment.
His choice of Augustine as primary is excellent in that practically all Christian theologians until the very end of Scholasticism cite Augustine as their primary authority.
The new facility was officially opened at a ceremony last week, which also saw the launch of the Robinson-Spong Lectureship, a new addition to the library's scholarships and bursaries which will allow Christian theologians to lecture and lead short courses on-site.
The Aryan Jesus: Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany.
On this basis the Institute was called into existence, employing working groups, conferences, and publications to mobilize German Christian theologians, church leaders, and parish clergy.
The first assessed the opinions of academic psychologists and Christian theologians regarding the distinction between forgiveness and reconciliation.
In sum, the collection fulfills its promise of promoting a necessary dialogue between exegetes and Christian theologians.
Coleman, has pulled together pieces that offer a rich dialogue among Christian theologians and ethicists representing a wide range of traditions, including Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed, and Anabaptist.
Christian theologians, on the other hand, have some catching up to do.
Since Jurgen Habermas articulates one valuable position in support of public argumentation in his theory of communicative action, many Christian theologians have with some justice adopted Habermas' views.
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