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His experiences could thus stem from the sorts of "deep tensions inherent in any interreligious encounter"--medieval or modern--and so serve as models for similarly conflicted Christian theologians of (comparative) religions currently seeking to develop a theology of Islam.
Jan's article in this issue on Hendrik Kraemer's Christian Message in a Non-Christian World--published in 1938, the year Jan was born--is a timely reconsideration of how Christian theologians were wrestling, during the surprising 1930s, with the way the Gospel speaks to the world's peoples.
When the Heart Sutra and Krsna-katha (conversations about Krishna) become grist not merely for comparative efforts by historians of religions but also for constructive theological reflection by Christian theologians, something more than merely dialogue is at play.
The Greek word ekklesia referred to a political body long before being taken up by early Christian theologians.
Christian theologians have consistently interpreted the creation stories in Genesis as creation ex nihilo, with the Divine producing matter, space, and time out of nothing, rather than molding some primordial substance, or creating order out of pre-existing chaos.
s reflections, which distill the results of a lifetime of thought, could be fruitfully pondered by Christian theologians engaged with modernity, and also usefully compared and contrasted with Hilary Putnam's decidedly different approach in Jewish Philosophy as a Guide to Life (2008).
Muslim and Christian theologians and interfaith promoters will appreciate this commentary of the fifth sura by a Christian scholar.
In this well-written book, Lewis Mudge lays out the essential steps for developing what he calls "the next ecumenism," which will open new opportunities for Christian theologians in the twenty-first century.
After summarizing the reformer's social and political thought and their its on society, he explores its application to India and similarity to the social and political thought of a few Indian Christian theologians.
Following the original example of Jesus and the more recent examples of Liberation Theology, Christian theologians have been moving among the poor, especially the urban poor, in order to discover and articulate a new word about God.
The Western Christian theologians often seem too aggressive, engaged in harsh critiques of the sinfulness of their own traditions.
Early Christian theologians had to deal with comparisons between their new faith and the beliefs and practices of Judaism, Greek and Roman religions, and Islam.
The discussion that follows the presentation of the contemporary antisemitic fact sheet shows the willingness of Christian theologians like Gushee, Pawlikowski, and Roth to confront some of the outstanding questions provoked by Antisemitism and the Holocaust: Christian triumphalism, the meaning of the Resurrection, the state of Israel, Muslims, forgiveness, and Messiah.
Six pieces focus on how Christian theologians, writers, artists, and scholars such as T.
Scholars of theology and religion mostly based in Europe or North America and from a wide range of institutions, denominational backgrounds, and countries, introduce the thought of most leading Christian theologians and movements in theology since the end of World War I.
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