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Her descriptions of feminist and liberation theologies contextualize her principal discussion about the evolving approaches Christian theologians have taken to other religious faiths, subsuming interreligious dialogue and comparative theology under the aegis of "theology of religions.
The first assessed the opinions of academic psychologists and Christian theologians regarding the distinction between forgiveness and reconciliation.
FOR MANY READERS of Modern Age, the Very Reverend Georges Vasilievich Florovsky (1893-1979)may not be a household name, and yet his singular achievement and reputation as an influential Russian philosopher and historian, and as the preeminent Orthodox Christian theologian of the twentieth century, is certainly well known within the Orthodox world, but also within the theological circles of Western Christianity.
Since the first clear mention of contraception by a Christian theologian, when a harsh third-century moralist accused a pope of encouraging it, the articulated judgment has been the same.
Only a Christian theologian is able to speak of the Old Testament's openness to the New Testament.
Bishop of Hippo in Roman Africa from 396 to 430 and the major Christian theologian of the early Western church.
Paul Ramsey was a distinguished Christian theologian whose preeminence became established with the first publication of Basic Christian Ethics in 1950, and grew steadily over the years.
9th century) Christian theologian and philosopher, probably born in Ireland of Scottish parents.
That is the premise of "An Atheist and a Christian Walk into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything", a friendly, straightforward, and rigorous dialogue between Christian theologian Randal Rauser (who is a Professor of Historical Theology at Taylor Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) and atheist Justin Schieber (the founder and host of Real Atheology, a Youtube channel dedicated to presenting issues in contemporary philosophy of religion in easy-to-follow videos).
Because natural theology had been the central plank of all Christian theology for almost 2,000 years, Barth had become the most innovative Christian theologian since St Paul.
Renowned Christian theologian Lewis Smedes wrote in 1999 that the closest parallel to this debate is the church's former opposition to near14, all remarriage after divorce.
Some of the essays do not address issues of Jewish-Christian relations but consist of a Jewish or Christian theologian "doing theology" in the presence of the other.
Rather than being bogged down by this data, the reader should recognize that Robb is a Christian theologian approaching moral issues around policy debates with real substance and a vigorous comprehension of the subject matter.
Bonhoeffer was a lone voice within the Confessing Church, as Wolfgang Gerlach has demonstrated in When the Witnesses Were Silent, but he emerged from the Third Reich as a Christian theologian with a political conscience, the best of a sorry lot during a horrific era.
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