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Only foreign Christian rites can acquire citizenship rights.
Catholic merchants married Greek Orthodox and Armenian women; the curious soul might observe different Christian rites and even participate in multi-religious festivals and events.
Confession of sins is a central element of many Christian rites.
Although the title Baptist Sacramentalism is probably an oxymoron for most Baptists, some Baptists do find and respect a sacramental hint in certain Christian rites, practices, and doctrines.
Moreover, according to the judge, there was no proof of a valid marriage, according to either Muslim or Christian rites, between the applicant's father, Mohammad Said and his late mother Doris Josephine Freeman.
But Cardinal Delly, 81, comes from Mosul, in northern Iraq, a place where Christian rites have been practiced for nearly 2,000 years.
However, Christian rites and superstitious rituals easily coexisted during the seventeenth century, a fact possibly explaining the artifact caches found in shallow fissures of the earthen floor of the excavated Fort.
Although the Rites of Passage experience has elements and symbols used in initiation traditions from other cultures--and has been called "New Age," especially by Rohr's critics--"they are essentially Christian rites," many of them from ancient monastic practices, said Michael Bennett, who directs men's work at Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, N.
In the later sixteenth century, as Frank Lestringant demonstrates, cemeteries were inevitable battlegrounds between Protestants and Catholics over the fate of the body and the soul, while in Mexico, as Dominique de Courcelles shows, Christian rites coercively supplanted indigenous ones, and with revealing results.
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