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the first name given to Christians at birth or christening

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At this second interchange of the Christian name, Madame Defarge, still using her toothpick with profound composure, coughed another grain of cough, and raised her eyebrows by the breadth of another line.
I wish young ladies had not such a number of fine Christian names.
I suppose they'll be calling US by our Christian names next.
I think she was a little surprised to find that both outfits were for the same house; and she certainly betrayed an ignoble curiosity about the mother's Christian name, but she was much easier to brow-beat than a fine lady would have been, and I am sure she and her daughter enjoyed themselves hugely in the shops, from one of which I shall never forget Irene emerging proudly with a commissionaire, who conducted her under an umbrella to the cab where I was lying in wait.
He went and spoke to her, and called her by her Christian name, so as again to bring blushes to her pale face--"My wife says you have been singing like an angel," he said to Becky.
To Laura's secret surprise and to my secret alarm, he called her by her Christian name, asked if she had heard lately from her uncle.
Add to this that he was in years just twenty, in his looks much older, and in conceit at least two hundred; that he had no objection to be jested with, touching his admiration of his master's daughter; and had even, when called upon at a certain obscure tavern to pledge the lady whom he honoured with his love, toasted, with many winks and leers, a fair creature whose Christian name, he said, began with a D--;--and as much is known of Sim Tappertit, who has by this time followed the locksmith in to breakfast, as is necessary to be known in making his acquaintance.
Copperfield called her by it, because her Christian name was the same as mine.
Call me by my Christian name,” interrupted Elizabeth; “this is not a place, neither is this a scene, for forms.
Tupman called distractedly upon some feminine Christian name, and then opened first one eye, and then the other, and then fell back and shut them both--all this would be as difficult to describe in detail, as it would be to depict the gradual recovering of the unfortunate individual, the binding up of his arm with pocket-handkerchiefs, and the conveying him back by slow degrees supported by the arms of his anxious friends.
It signifies to my father, the Count of Morcerf, whose Christian name is Fernand
Only my Christian name, and that I am quite sure she never mentioned to any one.
Moncharmin did not know a note of music, but he called the minister of education and fine arts by his Christian name, had dabbled a little in society journalism and enjoyed a considerable private income.
The last letter read was addressed to the prisoner in a woman's handwriting, and was signed by a woman's Christian name only.
Aunt Patsy called them by their Christian names almost from the beginning.
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