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the Christian worship services

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Of the threads of Barker's argument, a primary one explores the role of Passover and the Day of Atonement as influences of Christian liturgy and theology.
How tragic it would be if, when the history of Christian liturgy in the late 20th and early 21st century is written, that this time period be described, in but an extended footnote, as one during which an ecumenical liturgical experiment was tried but was found lacking and did not last even for 50 years.
Having written about the language of the rite and its message, Grainger here completes his trilogy about Christian liturgy.
Each of the first six chapters covers a three-hundred-year period in the history of Christian liturgy, leaving a two-hundred-year span for the final chapter.
The Lord's Supper holds central place in Christian liturgy, along with preaching.
Mrs Murphy" and many of her sisters have risen from the pew, and are today constructing Christian liturgy in ways which they feel suit them, rather than gracefully partaking in ritual patterns handed down from the fathers of the church.
They have also introduced us to a broader movement of Christian scholars who appear to think about the Shoah as much as we do and who, with great courage, have worked to revise the words of Christian liturgy, teachings, and doctrine that underwrite Christian anti-Judaism and supersessionism.
Inseparable from every Christian liturgy is the mission of Jesus to proclaim good news to the poor, freedom to prisoners, justice to oppressed peoples, an end to violence.
11)That is, the deducing of an ordo, in large part, is a logical construct, an abstraction made; on the basis of very minimal descriptions of the patterns of Christian liturgy in the early period.
But if you had stopped Paul on the street in some place like Corinth and asked him if he thought his letters would become a permanent part of Christian liturgy and that his faith would make him the father of Christian theology, he probably would have laughed at you, in between dodging stones.
Jewish and Christian liturgy and worship; new insights into its history and interaction.
Tomson's "The Halakhic Evidence of Didache 8 and Matthew 6 and the Didache Community's Relationship to Judaism"; (8) Gerard Rouwhorst's "Didache 9-10: A Litmus Test for the Research in Early Christian Liturgy Eucharist"; (9) Andre Tuilier's "Les charismatiques itinerants dans la Didache et dans l'Evangile de Matthieu" (with an English abstract); (10) Huub van de Sandt's "Two Windows on a Developing Jewish-Christian Reproof Practice"; (11) Joseph Verheyden's "Eschatology in the Didache and the Gospel of Matthew"; and (12) Jonathan A.
As Michael Philip Penn demonstrates in this engaging book, the holy kiss was a central early Christian rite and remained so throughout the development of Christian liturgy and practice.
Patricia Wilson-Kastner, Sacred Drama: A Spirituality of Christian Liturgy.
All are part of a world of constant technological change that has profound effects upon Christian liturgy.
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