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The authors wade into the water of Christian faith and engineering synthesis, but stay close to shore rather than diving in deep.
Having Christian faith causes a person to recognize few grounds for divorce; lacking Christian faith causes a person to recognize many grounds for divorce.
The Christian faith is for all and its message is love, in spite of what has happened down the centuries in its name.
Firstly, the experience of the ages is that Christian faith generates great "social generosity".
In these days when the Christian faith is under attack not only from godlessness, but also from political correctness and other religions, Christians should be prepared to stand up and be counted.
He was the first man that stood up for our English Christian faith in the case of BA banning the cross.
The 55-year-old, who argued she should be entitled openly to proclaim her Christian faith, lost an internal appeal against the decision on Monday.
At the same time some of the finest people I had ever met, a great and grand Christian faith.
As our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, tells us in his first encyclical letter, Deus Caritas Est, 'For her part, the church, as the social expression of Christian faith, has a proper independence and is structured on the basis of her faith as a community which the state must recognize.
Our Christian faith is, after all, deeply eschatological, calling us to pay attention both to what might happen at the end of things and, mindful of this, to what we are to do in the meantime.
He then works in just enough authentic detail by throwing around an impressive array of names and dates, to make the history appear real, which permits him to mug the Christian faith.
That broad attitude was a big development in the thinking of a small-town American brought up in a fundamental Christian faith.
Manifesting a true wisdom of the Christian faith, in the enduring benefits of Christian fundamentals, and providing a situational perception through the authorship of Pope Benedict XVI, God's Revolution is very highly recommended for all Roman Catholics.
Their obsession with their own desires and willful conflict with one another risks blinding them to their Christian faith in God.
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