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  • preaching
  • spreading the word
  • spreading the gospel
  • telling the gospel message

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zealous preaching and advocacy of the gospel

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Some states have attempted or have already passed "anti-conversion" laws, prohibiting or greatly restricting any kind of Christian evangelism.
Considering foreign-funded Christian evangelism in Sri Lanka, he said, the program's title should be changed instead to 'International and Island wide program' since the motive is to see the gradual demise of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.
Perhaps Sudan was a model of the confrontation between Arabization and Islamization on the one hand, and the kind of Christian evangelism practiced by American religious, political or industrial groups on the other.
Twiss pulled no punches describing the historical impact of Christian evangelism on indigenous peoples:
Copway's writing on Native life struggles to manage conflicting discourses of Christian evangelism, colonial protest, Romantic infatuation with Indians, and Ojibwa loyalties that sponsor subtle resistance to adopted ideologies.
This is baptised the taith Dewi Sant (walk Saint David), it is organised in conjunction with local churches by Christian evangelism missioners based in Cambridge.
My first exposure to Christian evangelism was at a Billy Graham Crusade in the early 1960s.
But how did Malik's thought and his career prompt this series of essays on the relationship between Christian evangelism and the academic life?
God's scientific witnesses" were duly chronicled in encyclopedic tomes, part of the toolkit of Christian evangelism.
As well as being home to Northumbria's two patron saints, the island was at the centre of early Christian evangelism in the British Isles.
The breakfast is funded by the Fellowship Foundation, a low-profile group that promotes Christian evangelism.
The Greek and Roman household was a key ingredient in early Christian evangelism.
Wert said there is a "checkered history" of white Christian evangelism of American Indians that must be acknowledged.
The fourth chapter similarly describes the theoretical space allotted to the palabre in the ideologies of panafricanism, African socialism, Christian evangelism, and negritude, showing how each participated in the dereliction of communities through their refusal to develop the means to manage internal diversity and conflict in deference to chimerical totalitarian visions of primordial unity and monological consensus.
Jesus' own techniques of embracing spirituality and helping others to find spiritual fulfillment thus differ from those stereotypically (though unfortunately often correctly) associated with Christian evangelism and ministry.
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