Christian era

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the time period beginning with the supposed year of Christ's birth


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It's unfortunate that all the literature we have from Anglo-Saxon times was set down in the Christian era, and the old gods were thus expunged from the written record.
They date back to the early Christian era, and were probably written during the life of Jesus Christ.
The concise Oxford Dictionary tells us that this means: "In the year of our Lord, in the year of the Christian era.
The essay further explores the early modem discussion of the proper interpretation of the ecclesiastical history of Nicephorus (which ranged partisans of Cesare Baronio's Annales eccleisiastici against the Magdeburg Centuries of the Lutherans Matthias Flacius, Johannes Wigand, and Matthaeus Judex) and seventeenth-century interpretations of the ancient pagan religious spectrum, including the connection of Mithraism, along with other elements of popular religion in the Roman Empire of the early Christian era, in order to identify elements of the painting that could allude to heresy, in Julian's court and in Protestant Europe of 1650.
In this impressive tome of 860 pages of text, 24 photos of ancient baptisteries and nearly 100 pages of indexes, Everett Ferguson offers a comprehensive and thorough review of patristic literature in the first five centuries of the Christian era for what it says about baptism.
Both Christian Zionists and Jewish Zionists understood that to occupy Palestine meant the displacement by some means - some form of ethnic cleansing or genocide, of the indigenous people - the Palestinians - who resided there and had since the beginning of the Christian era.
Its history extends beyond the Christian era and it was then known as the land of sea giants.
It then explores the spiritual heritage of servant leadership in nursing from the early Christian era through the Middle Ages and the post-Reformation period, and examines the Biblical roots of the nurse's call to serve.
The etiology disclosed in this particular passage would be laughable if it weren't for the unspeakable suffering it has caused to many thousands, perhaps millions, of homosexuals throughout the Christian era.
However, its origins go much further back than the Christian era and can be traced to ancient pagan fertility festivals.
To understand its importance in Christian era history, especially in the context of Syrian Christian traditions in India, this move to include it in the heritage tour, has been termed as relevant.
Even before the Christian era, trees and boughs were used for ceremonials.
It has over 4,000 historical monuments, which cover various periods of the country's development from prehistoric to the Hellenistic era and from the early to medieval Christian era.
However, the idea of inoculation (variolation) with disease exudates or pox scabs as protection against future infection was already practised in China and India some 200 years before the Christian era, and is described in ancient Ayurvedic writings.
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