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president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, also points out that, according to Christian doctrine, Osteen's view is heretical.
On June 5, 2010, the Sisters of our Lady of Christian Doctrine, founded by Marian Lane Gurney (later known as Mother Marianne of Jesus), celebrated i00 years of ministry.
The school's website describes students as "given the opportunity to obtain a Christian education that is based on solid Christian doctrine and ideology.
Christian doctrine can be useful in balancing our government's business of preserving hard-won freedoms, freedoms won by people with faith in the last great war.
Think about the efforts of the Bush administration and other public officials to censure scientific thought and stifle academic freedom in general, particularly when such thought conflicted with fundamentalist Christian doctrine (e.
Richard of Chichester Church and taught in their Confraternity of Christian Doctrine program.
But here Dr Francesca Stavrakopoulou goes in search of the real site of the Garden of Eden and promises not to poo-poo thousands of years of Christian doctrine by claiming it had tiered decking and a central water feature.
Although differing with Milne on several points, this reviewer plans to use Know the Truth as a resource for teaching and preaching Christian doctrine in the church.
After all, he has gone through the clerical mandate of ordination and he certainly knows authentic Christian doctrine and rules.
A Christian Doctrine and the Arts module explores Christian doctrines in their own right and in relation to their presentation in the history of the arts.
As a consequence of the conviction, held consistently throughout Milton's career, that 'God has revealed the way of eternal salvation only to the individual faith of each man, and demands of us that any man who wishes to be saved should work out his beliefs for himself (Preface to Christian Doctrine, in Complete Prose Works, VI, 118), Milton in his later writings redefines the term 'church' radically.
Not worshipped as idols, but venerated with the respect due to the persons depicted, icons are understood as testaments to the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation--of the Word made Flesh.
A second notable strength of this book is the concise, acute, and accurate coverage of the distinctive Christian doctrine, the Trinity.
The course will examine the way the bible and Christian doctrine is used in everyday contexts and offer insight into questions of mission, appropriate models of leadership and ministry.
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