Hand-Schuller-Christian disease

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inflammatory histiocytosis associated with disturbance of cholesterol metabolism

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Subtypes Typical age Occurrence Letterer-Siwe disease 0-1 year 10% Hand-Schuller- Christian disease 1-3 years 15%-40% Eosinophilic granuloma (EG) 5-10 years 60%-80% Subtypes Manifestations and prognosis Letterer-Siwe Systemic disease; disease worst prognosis Hand-Schuller- Bone lesions with Christian disease better prognosis Eosinophilic granuloma (EG) Often uni-focal
Price writes that atheistic pacifists "have caught the Christian disease of undiscriminating moral decadence" (take that, you atheistic pacifists).
whether Jews and Muslims may perhaps have caught a Christian disease and might therefore consider a Christian remedy" (p.
INTRODUCTION: The term histiocytosis X incorporates the multiple organ involvement in disseminated Hand Schuller Christian disease and Letterer-Siwe disease.
Since they cannot possibly believe they will be rewarded in some atheist afterlife for their martyrdom, I must conclude that they have caught the Christian disease of undiscriminating moral decadence: they equate the victim and the victimizer.
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