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a Protestant church that accepts the Bible as the only source of true Christian faith and practices baptism by immersion

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Evangelical Christian Church in Tanah Papua (GKITP) [Indonesia]
Cameron Thomson, of Shortland Horne, said: "We made a deliberate approach to the Redeemed Christian Church of God as it seemed perfect for their use.
Graziani, a resident of Burbank, grew up in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination in Nebraska and admits she didn't always regularly attend.
The Christian Church, despite its shortcomings, is a school of wisdom, love and goodness in action.
A compendium of faith-based wisdom and scriptural imperatives, Get Unstuck From Fundamentalism deftly analyzes the attitudes and pronouncements of mislead and misleading members of the Christian church including clergy and politicians.
Carson, senior minister at Webster Groves Christian Church in Glendale, Mo.
Unsurprisingly, the author is quick to condemn both the New Testament and the Christian church for anti-Judaism as well.
Walton is an accurate and precise history of the past 2000 years of the Christian Church.
However, he adds that it's extremely unlikely that a major Christian church existed in the area before Roman Emperor Constantine legalized the fledgling religion in A.
A plan to foster a greater united Christian witness in the United States has been sent to 46 Christian church bodies for consideration.
Nevertheless, Dupuis holds that they remain related to the universal mediation of Christ and to the Christian Church.
At the end of the book, broadcaster and journalist Lady Lothian writes that `discussion and dialogue, both within and without the Christian Church, concerning family problems is urgently needed'.
Particularly intriguing is Russell's answer to the question of why Clovis turned Christian, an answer which emphasizes the degree to which the former's options were between a form of Christianity already ethnicized (Arianism) and a (Gallo-Roman) Latin Christian church quite eager to accommodate itself to his needs.
The western Christian church, which acknowledged the leadership of the Pope at Rome, and the eastern Christian church, which acknowledged the leadership of the Patriarch at Constantinople, frequently quarreled over points of doctrine, and these quarrels were poisoned by the rival ambitions of the two religious leaders.
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