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Synonyms for atheism

Synonyms for atheism

the doctrine or belief that there is no God



a lack of belief in the existence of God or gods

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Part of the problem is that the proposal of a naturalistic Christian faith "serves as the rubric for at least four radically different programs, running from Christian atheism on the one side to personal theism with a real (though noninterventionist) sense of divine action on the other" (166).
Armstrong initiates her study with a brief history of the crisis arising from the disappearance of God as a "guarantor of meaning," chiefly as conceived by Altizer in his Gospel of Christian Atheism.
This chapter is really comprised of four different studies of Warhol's work which reintroduce Altizer's Christian atheism, particularly his notion of immanence and his interest in kenosis, the Pauline concept that God emptied himself completely into man, and thereby self-negated, that is, the divine became human.
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