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the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject

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5) Certainly Warhol's work involves his own particular development of Christian iconography, and Dillenberger asserts that these works "range from the startling and playful .
The choice of the Vatican Gardens as a location is also significant since it was considered the most neutral territory within the Vatican City, with none of the Christian iconography that might be seen as offensive to the other two faiths.
Christian iconography was raised to another level by the artists who worked in the style of the Bengal School.
This triptych corresponds to the Spanish school, and though replete with Christian iconography, a Mozarabic influence--Andalusia was occupied by the Moors until the 15th century--can be discerned in the Eastern motifs that also adorn the work.
This is a beautiful specialist text for scholars of Byzantine art and culture, Armenian art, and Christian iconography.
In early Christian iconography, the griffin is one of the pure symbols of Jesus Christ.
But despite the fact that we often associate angels exclusively with Christian iconography, angels have long been a part of Jewish culture, as well, as can be seen in "Divine Messengers," an exhibition currently on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.
Being depicted along with a dog is not particularly uncommon in Christian iconography, and any saint who likes dogs is OK by me.
Although Hutt Hospital has a chapel, Muslim staff do not feel comfortable praying there because of the Christian iconography.
Seif created a series titled "Icona Balady" (Local/colloquial Icons) which represents four small drawings on A5 size paper of what looks like recreations of Christian iconography.
29) and her discussion here gives the reader insight into the process whereby Christian iconography was adapted to suit a Jewish context in the decorative programmes of medieval Ashkenazic illuminated manuscripts.
More than startling us with examples of sheer brilliance of craftsmanship of the time, the volume tells us about the scholarly curiosity and religious plurality nurtured by the Mughals -- Akbar set the ball rolling by getting the Mahabharata and Ramayanatranslated into Persian and profusely illustrated, and the young Salim (later Jahangir) got his favourite artists to introduce elements of Christian iconography.
The prominence of death and Christian iconography in The Bitter Withy will not surprise readers familiar with Revell's work.
In collaboration with the writer and critic Max Jorge Hinderer--whose recent work explores the ways in which Bolivians, in recent decades, have deployed Christian iconography in political protests--the artists have gathered together some twenty paintings directly related to the Bolivian city of Potosi and its economic circuits from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuties.
He even created him in his own likeness, contrary to what is stated in the Bible, and born out by the long flowing locks in the depictions of the almighty and the white Jesus of Christian iconography.
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