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the images and symbolic representations that are traditionally associated with a person or a subject

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A similar interpretation might be offered for objects such as the Freer canteen, which bear Christian imagery combined with Arabic inscriptions that include only general good wishes and praise, rather than the less plausible proposal by Baer, among others, that such luxury objects, with their misunderstood Christian iconography, were specifically commissioned by the Latin Christian nobility as souvenirs.
He not only concentrates on the evidence found in ancient authors but also is interested in NT manuscripts and in early Christian iconography.
Although there is some initial Christian iconography present in the cemetery, most notably the sign of the cross, the men soon express their spirituality in pastoral terms.
In addition, there is no transfiguration scene in the movie, and the crowds that rush to see the risen Jesus at the end belong more to Marxist neo-realism than they do to Christian iconography.
Among the numerous icons at the exhibition are the twelve Great Feasts of Heiko Schlieper (born in 1931), painted according to the symbolic style of Eastern Christian iconography.
Indications of the period's exploration of Christian antiquity are similarly absent, apart from an entry for Bosio's Roma sotterranea; the rich early modern discussion of early Christian iconography would shed additional light on Daly Davis's central concern, the discovery and use of the visual repertoire of antiquity.
All referring to the Old Testament and prefiguring the salvation-history, they build heraldic signs and send striking signals, tightly interconnecting Christian iconography with a contemporary flow of images.
She often references Christian iconography, quoting narratives of sacrifice and devotion.
Joy's world travels and his reflections on Christian iconography and its antecedents inform his works, which reconfigure devotional images using geometric forms, tone, and light.
From Sri Lanka comes the art of Nalini Jayasuriya, which shows a marked mixture of Asian inspiration and Christian iconography, as in "Reigning Lord," a depiction of Jesus reposed like the Buddha.
Opening with a bleak exterior view of the church at dusk, the scene shifts to the building's baroque interior, lingering on an incense holder and sundry Christian iconography.
2), in which the three colours blue, gold and pink represent all matter, is derivative both of Christian iconography and of theories of optics, and lacks formal innovation.
While Warhol's first works to contain overtly Christian iconography were the large Cross paintings of the early 1980s, he had previously offered his own modern version of the "memento mori," a favorite theme in European Christian art of the last 600 years.
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