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an Egyptian descended from the ancient Egyptians

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a member of the Coptic Church

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CHRISTIAN EGYPTIANS 2013: Thousands of Christian Egyptians living in the capital city of Cairo marked New Year's Eve chanting in Arabic in the church located at Tahrir Square.
However, what is important here is to question those who insist on triggering the anger of the Christian Egyptians at such a critical stage of the country's history: "What could be the result of these attempts to isolate and cast out an important faction of the nation instead of strengthening national unity while rebuilding the state of Egypt?
Egyptian Customs and Festivals offers information concerning what is considered appropriate among both Muslim and Christian Egyptians, with the caveat that religion in general is best avoided as a topic of discussion.
20 Coptic Christian Egyptians were kidnapped at the beginning of the year in the city of Sirte on the north coast of Libya.
Some Christian Egyptians have been persectued in the past for proselytizing in a Muslim country.
Four other Christian Egyptians are still in detention in Libya on the same charges, according to Coptic rights advocates.
The boy, Gamal Abdou Massoud, was a Coptic Christian from the southern village of Assiut, where many Christian Egyptians live.
Summary: Hundreds of Christian Egyptians clashed with police in Cairo Wednesday night and seven police officers were injured in a protest against the shooting to death of a Christian man by a policeman on a train.
The self-proclaimed 'Islamic State' (ISIS) has allegedly published photographs of 21 abducted Coptic Christian Egyptians in Libya, while the Egyptian presidency stated Thursday it will follow up on the incident.
Many Muslim and Christian Egyptians flock to shrines, where saints are buried, in order to invoke their blessings and celebrate their birthdays.
Twenty Coptic Christian Egyptians were kidnapped at the start of the year in the city of Sirte on the north coast of Libya.
Cairo: A recent court ruling, obliging the Coptic Orthodox Church to allow divorced followers to remarry, has triggered rifts among Christian Egyptians, who account for around 10 per cent of this predominantly Muslim country of 76 million.
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