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Synonyms for Christ

Jesus Christ


Synonyms for Christ

a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth

any expected deliverer

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12) Those Israelites were delivered from that sodaine death, & from Pharaos bondage by the lambes offringe which signified Christes suffering Math.
Christes (Yannis Tsimitselis) is a 20-year-old stud who puts his olive skin, thick black hair, bedroom eyes, pillow-cushion lips, and oft-displayed Olympian physique to profitable use in a provincial Greek town.
To suffre the thing for Christes fayth / that we worldly wrechid folys wene were vilany and shame, the blessid apostles rekenid for greate glory / for they when they were with despite and shame scourgid, and there apon commaundid to speke no more of the name of christ / went ther way fro the councell ioyfull and glad, that god had vouchsafed to do them the worship, to suffer shamfull despite for the name of Ihesu.
The Exhortation begins by considering the power of language, as Erasmus sets the classical resources of eloquence and philosophy against the plain but profitable language of scripture and the philosphia Christi, or the "immortall fontayne of Christes pure philosophye" (74.
Beware, serys, I zow pray, Fore I made [thorn]is with good entente, Fore hit is Christes comaundement; Prays fore me [thorn]at be[thorn] present, My name hit is [thorn]e blynd Awdlay.
into the churche of Englande for the restitucion of Christes religion (1549).
95 Take bede and beware/ of his false doctryne And to bele[u]e Christes churche, let vs inclyne Our hertes to god, & to our Kynge, both thyne & myne To serue them truely/ with hart diuyne Then mayst thou saye, thou drawest the tr[ewe] lyne
Christes, Sklaven und Freigelassene als Grammatiker und Philologen im Antike Rom (Wiesbaden, 1979), p.