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the collective body of Christians throughout the world and history (found predominantly in Europe and the Americas and Australia)

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The method makes the Jewish experience the linchpin for comparison/contrast; this tight organization prohibits tangential but nevertheless useful discussions, such as a treatment of the mentalites that produced Jew-hatred in Christendom and dhimmi status in Islam.
So when will the General Assembly call on us to lay aside our busyness, which is often invested in reinventing Christendom, to a year of extended prayer and discernment so we might understand our times and know what to do?
Is Christendom being born again, so to speak, to a faith that combines Christian beliefs with Christian behavior?
Although Bloch's declaration was driven by important political concerns, pragmatic considerations would also lead one to conclude that if Christian theology is to continue as a mode of reflection at the beginning of a new century, it must be conceived after Christendom in surprising spaces outside the cathedral.
While Smith delights here in taking satiric jabs at all that Christendom, and especially Catholicism, holds sacred, the movie's real agenda runs on two rather pious tracks.
NICK ATHANASIADIS: Let us maybe entitle this conversation, "On Being the Church at the End of Christendom.
In the first part, the question of Christendom as an unlikely candidate for Christianity's future is discussed.
We, Catholics, grant no jurisdiction to either the judiciary or Parliament to alter the legal definition of marriage in Canada which was simply based on how it was 'understood in Christendom,'" said the magazine's editor, Fr.
Bejczy argues that to Erasmus none of these is a model for Christendom because each exhibited decay in piety and morals or in intellectual powers, or both.
Southern Christianity, the Third Church, is not just a transplanted version of the familiar religion of the older Christian states: the New Christendom is no mirror image of the old.
Mendes-Flohr's German Jews: A Dual Identity and Scott Bader-Saye's Church and Israel after Christendom offer thought-provoking accounts of two particular instances of the Jewish encounter with the other in this Post-Enlightenment age.
Here, in one of the most venerable cathedrals of Christendom, secular images stand in testimony to a wider, wonderful world.
forms, even as the structures of the Christendom church collapse around us.
Christendom Destroyed: Europe 1517-1648 comes from a historian who offers an epic story of religious and social change, considering how the 16th and 17th centuries separated church from state in Western Europe and, in effect, created the modern world.
The Spiritual Expansion of Medieval Latin Christendom, the eleventh volume in the series "The Expansion of Latin Europe, 1000-1500," adds significantly to the history of missions in Asia.