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industrial city at the center of a rich agricultural region

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The best ideas from Future City Activator will go through to a formal application with potential for funding from Christchurch City Councils Innovation and Sustainability Fund.
Through analysis of campaign material employed during the 2013 Christchurch City Council election, this article demonstrates the interrelationship between the physical and political landscapes of the city.
At the same time, however, there have been public disputes between business interests and the Christchurch City Council, and arguments between local and central government about decisions and processes.
The building and services offered by Upper Riccarton School and Community Library began as result of four years of consultation, brain storming, planning and dreaming to combine the services of a new suburban Christchurch city council community library and the existing school library of Riccarton High School.
Representatives from Selwyn and Waimakariri District Councils and Christchurch City Council, Environment Canterbury and Transit New Zealand meet regularly with a cross section of local leaders from business, the community and government as the Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Forum.
In addition, the survey is tailored to focus on equity issues, as the Christchurch City Council (CCC) is particularly concerned with any regressive impacts of such a policy.
In a similar environment at the foot of the Port Hills, the Christchurch City Council owns 55 hectares of land, part of which has been farmed but whose primary use since the late 1850s has been as the Halswell Quarry to access basalt rock.
In conjunction with Greening the Rubble and Te Whare Roimata, the Christchurch City Council is developing a Stanmore Road site that will host up to seven tiny shops.
Next, following a failed marriage as a consequence of horrendous work hours, she was headhunted by the Christchurch City Council to manage their major projects.
Recently, the Christchurch City Council and Community Energy Action Trust, or CEA, joined hands in providing healthier, energy-efficient homes for the city's social housing tenants.
Landlords, Christchurch City Council and Housing New Zealand became aware their tenants were hoarders when these people had to move out of their homes for repairs.
The Canterbury Public Library was actually run by the Canterbury College Board of Governors and not funded at all by the Christchurch City Council.
More recently, there have been major efforts to develop an improved collaborative planning model between the Christchurch City Council and central government agencies and between non-government organisations.
Chris Sharman, Information Developer, Geodata Services, Christchurch City Council, commented on how Version 5.
Shelley's career began in draughting, but it was while working on a laborious project of digitally converting old plans of stormwater, wastewater and water supply at the Christchurch City Council that she learnt and appreciated what was involved in creating data for a GIS.
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