Christ's Resurrection

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(New Testament) the rising of Christ on the third day after the Crucifixion

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All are invited to bring bells to ring during the liturgy in joyful celebration of Christ's resurrection.
In his Easter message, President Duterte said he was hoping that the commemoration of Christ's resurrection would 'be a reminder to Filipinos that our country deserves salvation from drugs, criminality and corruption that have long plagued this nation and that our people will rise and triumph over society's ills.
This anticipatory dimension to the Christian literary imagination is unique in that it proposes a trajectory of revelation and history beginning with Christ's resurrection and looking forward to the fully present Kingdom of God.
To speak about Christ's resurrection we need a special grace; we need to be humble, trembling with an holy fear like the women who first saw the empty tomb and their risen Lord.
TIMED for release before Easter, Risen dramatises Christ's resurrection from the perspective of a Roman tribune, who does not believe in the existence of a saviour.
Even as we proclaim Christ's resurrection, we remember that there remains a lot of brokenness and pain in the world.
The worship was around celebrating Christ's resurrection and how Dooley presented that in his sculpture.
explains what is meant by Christ's resurrection body as "heavenly" and "spiritual," that is, transformed by the Spirit for eschatological existence.
The Cross symbolizes Jesus' victory over death, and his love for us, after bearing our sins and dying for us; for that reason we are so proud of the Cross, which is in our homes, and Christ's Resurrection reminds us of eternal life, filled with joy and happiness, along with the Armenian and Lebanese martyrs surrounded by the love of our Mother Mary," added the Patriarch.
Peter's Basilica at the start of the vigil Mass, which precedes the joyous celebration on Easter Sunday commemorating Christ's resurrection after his crucifixion.
But for those few true believers left it means celebrating Christ's resurrection, the bedrock of Christianity, that unique event without which there IS no Christianity.
The same power of Christ's resurrection that once empowered His timid disciples to stand before the mighty of the time attesting boldly the truth of the resurrection is not absent today from the Church.
Three distinct series of works, Gethsemane, Seven Last Words from the Cross and Songs of Christ's Resurrection suggest a reflective journey during which the viewer might contemplate the themes of suffering, salvation, healing and hope.
May the celebration of Christ's resurrection be an occasion that inspires us to follow the path of love, truth, sacrifice and forgiveness.
Arts Impresario Richard Demarco plans to write to the pope, calling for Derek Clarke's painting of Christ's resurrection to once again be shown at the Sacred Heart RC Church in Lauriston Street.