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United States tennis player who won women's singles titles in the United States and at Wimbledon (born in 1954)

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1976 Chrissie Evert, the coolest player in the London heatwave, is worried about Wimbledon - because it is too easy for her
New wife Chrissie Evert, one of tennis's greatest-ever competitors, is proving an inspiration to the man who showed little or no interest in playing golf seriously until he met her.
This time, it's the former Mrs Greg Norman - her old man is the golf pro known as the Great White Shark - who is out to shame Chrissie Evert, the one-time Wimbledon star.
she asked Chrissie Evert, which was the green light for her to tell us about the family back home in the good old US of A.
But confident as he is, and pushed on by ultra-competitive Chrissie Evert, expect another good account from the Shark.
She was impressive enough last year to become the first Wimbledon debutante since Chrissie Evert in 1972 to reach the semi-finals.
But watched by his new wife, tennis legend Chrissie Evert, time finally caught up with the 53-year-old Australian.
Part-timer Norman, who prefers playing tennis with new wife Chrissie Evert to working on his golf, has come from nowhere.
Three weeks ago the Great White Shark married fellow sporting legend Chrissie Evert in the Caribbean and hardly hit a golf ball before making his annual return to The Open.