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a consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam

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This year's Chrism Mass also recognized priests who celebrated milestones in their priesthood - Msgr.
(160) (In the Latin tradition, twelve priests needed to accompany the pope at the Chrism Mass, presumably signifying the Apostolic College.) (161)
In his Chrism Mass Homily of 6 April 2004, Archbishop O'Malley spoke of a church "in exile" in American culture.
It was only when they gathered at the Chrism Mass in Edinburgh Cathedral last week that they realised they had received similar sickening letters.
In his first public engagement since the operation to replace his right hip in early February, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols preached at the annual Chrism Mass at St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham.
The Chrism mass is a Catholic ritual during Holy Week.
"So many young people never hear Good News," he said during the Chrism Mass at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila.
This is what Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle wanted Catholics to embody as he led the Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday at the Manila Cathedral.
The Chrism mass kicked off four days of symbolic ceremonies which commemorate Jesus Christ's crucifixion and resurrection.
Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmsted's new directives for communion from the cup, according to the diocesan website, will allow the assembly to receive the blood of Christ "at the Chrism Mass and feast of Corpus Christi.
Isn't this promise recalled annually at the Holy Week Chrism Mass?
Archbishop Nichols expects his first public appearance after the operation to be at the annual Chrism Mass in St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, on Wednesday, March 27.
He said he hoped to be fit enough to be present at the annual Chrism Mass in St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, on Wednesday, March 27, before Easter Sunday, which falls on March 31.
Roman Catholic Church leaders traditionally observe Maundy Thursday with the holding of the Chrism Mass and the renewal of priestly vows.
"It is not in soul-searching or constant introspection that we encounter the Lord," Francis said during a homily at the annual Holy Thursday morning chrism Mass in the basilica.