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a consecrated ointment consisting of a mixture of oil and balsam

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160) (In the Latin tradition, twelve priests needed to accompany the pope at the Chrism Mass, presumably signifying the Apostolic College.
In his Homily during the Chrism Mass, Palma lamented what he called as 'moral illness' in the land.
He said he hoped to be fit enough to be present at the annual Chrism Mass in St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, on Wednesday, March 27, before Easter Sunday, which falls on March 31.
It is not in soul-searching or constant introspection that we encounter the Lord," Francis said during a homily at the annual Holy Thursday morning chrism Mass in the basilica.
One of the most glaring was in the Chrism Mass of Holy Thursday, one of the most important moments underscoring the meaning and unity of the body of priests with the bishop.
I was part of a large congregation at Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago for Chrism Mass celebrated during Holy Week.
The archbishop had repeated his plea for forgiveness from sex abuse victims at the Holy Week Chrism Mass at St Chad's Cathedral in Birmingham.
Earlier on Thursday, the Pope celebrated Holy Chrism Mass with some 2,000 priests based in Rome, including Filipino priests led by Fr.
Pope Benedict XVI showed how well-informed he was about these concerns in his impressive sermon at the chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday [April 5], in which he went into the "Appeal to Disobedience" by a group of priests in Austria.
Hamilton wrote in the last months of his life, entitled Servant, Victim, Brother, Listener, Friend--the vocation of priest as given by Cardinal Cooke in one of his Chrism Mass homilies.
In his chrism Mass sermon on April 2, the Monday of Holy Week, he offered his own Jesus-solution on how priests can cope with three of the most problematic situations confronting them in their pastoral work today:
The text of the pope's chrism Mass homily in English
Schonborn revisited this issue in a homily directed to the priests of the archdiocese during the Chrism Mass on Tuesday of Holy Week and placed it into the larger question of pastoral care for Catholics whose lifestyles do "not fully conform to the ideals of the church.
His remark on feminism came in a homily to archdiocesan priests April 6 at the annual chrism Mass.
Inviting lay ministers to join the bishop at the altar for the Holy Thursday Chrism Mass, the observations state, mean that "the intentional focus of this celebration on the sacramental priesthood is obscured somewhat.