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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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I gave them little thought other tan what type chow hall they had, and wondered if they served ice cream.
By day's end, that fleeting question I'd had earlier about what kind of chow hall they had here was answered.
A 1917 chow hall, one of the last remnants of the fabled Sunshine Ranch that once encompassed 40,000 acres of the north San Fernando Valley, faces the wrecking ball if the property owners can't find a new home for it.
Hillcrest Christian School, the property owner, is planning a 75,000- square-foot expansion of its school where the chow hall and two other less significant ranch buildings stand at the corner of Rinaldi Street and Shoshone Avenue in Granada Hills.
Richard Doyle, the society's immediate past president, said the group is very interested because the chow hall is in good shape and represents an important time in the Valley's past.
The chow hall sat in a cluster of buildings that included the dairy, an administration building and bunkhouses, recalled Ken Morris, a local historian who spent the summer of 1933 on the ranch when he was 8 years old and his uncle managed the place.
He said he had many meals of ``good stuff'' in the one-story chow hall surrounded by a wrap-around porch.
Meanwhile, the historical group intends to keep lobbying the city and the Recreation and Parks Department to claim the chow hall as its own.
It's about chow halls that serve so much food it makes your eyes pop every morning -- we're talking eggs and bacon, and ham, and patty sausages, and link sausages (two kinds), and we haven't even gotten to toast and cereals.
He also stated that the chow halls and gyms are outstanding
Preservation of the historic Army Fort is served, in part, by conversion of a distinctive neighborhood of red tiled roofed garrison buildings formerly in use as warehouses, chow halls and latrines into Arts Habitat.
The engineers built targets, barracks and chow halls.