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a restaurant where you serve yourself and pay a cashier

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I'll try not to end up in the brig," I said as we stood to go to the chow hall.
A case in which there is a spill in the chow hall may be an example of a safety concern--because the spill may cause someone to slip and fall--but the not-so-obvious ones create hazards that can extend into opportunities if due attention is not given.
You could either drink them in the chow hall during the actual Super Bowl from 2:30 to 6 a.
They had a friendly talk and decided to continue the chat over dinner at the chow hall that night.
No chow hall or MREs, we will be fed a steady stream of chips, dips and assorted other greasy, tasty snacks.
A's Soldiers hooked up water heaters and opened a chow hall that provides three hot meals a day.
I really hate staring at muzzles when I am in line at the chow hall though.
I could stay cheaply in the BOQ, eat in the chow hall and knew that competition would be fierce.
A large chow hall feeds members of all four services, both enlisted and officers, who are stationed at Camp Arifjan, and three post exchanges provide just about any personal items that the Eightballers may need.
Within two weeks another young sailor had a panic attack in the chow hall and had to be restrained.
In the Navy we just say chow hall, but we are in the Army over here," Samara says.
About five weeks into basic training, we were on our way to the chow hall shouting 'trained to kill, kill we will.
Bob Mueller has never lost track of the fact that the most effective form of leadership is leadership by example and that 'Officers Eat Last' is not a matter of chow hall protocol, it is a leadership virtue.
The mission is finally over and you want to grab a quick shower before heading to the chow hall.
The march in the dark to the chow hall - all of these things, the making up of my bunk, to clean around to make sure there's not one piece of lint, to folding one's clothes properly and to hear him saying `I'm not your mother.