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a European corvine bird of small or medium size with red legs and glossy black plumage

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Choughs are the red-billed and red-legged crows that ride the air currents, forage for invertebrates on the cliff tops, and nest in crevices and caves along the Llyn Peninsula.
Young birds, including choughs, are often unable to sustain flight while their feathers and wing muscles develop.
A BEAUTIFUL stretch mountains of Snowdonia, such as the pied flycatcher Mountain birds such abundance, and other and the peregrine falcon The best time for twitchers as ravens, buzzards and choughs are also in birds of prey such as the sparrowhawk, the kestrel have also been known to flash their feathers here.
Habitat changes and hunting during the 20th century saw the chough slowly die out and in the 1970s, the last known pair had gone.
Then, six years ago, three choughs arrived on the Lizard peninsula in south-west Cornwall, where the bird was last seen 30 years before, and two paired up.
Other birds under threat include: goshawks, red kites, merlins, osprey, barn owls, buzzards, choughs and golden eagles.
Walkers will be able to see wildlife at all times of the year, from rare choughs along the coastal cliffs and seabirds such as guillemots during the spring and summer, as well as the spectacular starling murmuration around Aberystwyth Pier in the autumn and winter.
Although breeding in north west Wales, Choughs are rare in Flintshire, and this was the first seen on Wirral.
With the flora came the fauna, and the area is now home to many endangered species of wildlife, such as otters and choughs. Sadly, this could all soon be under threat.
There is an abundance of ravens, choughs and seagulls at this time of year.
Northern Ireland's only breeding pair of redbilled choughs can be seen on Rathlin during the summer.
Sheep were introduced to the farm to improve the land for choughs, which had previously been absent from Glamorgan for more than 100 years.
The pair of Cornish Choughs are one of only two breeding pairs in the country and have had two chicks.
But instead we managed to spot a pair of nesting choughs, one of the rarest birds in the world and not, incidentally, only a rude word.
THE first wild choughs to breed in England for 50 years have hatched more chicks, it emerged yesterday.