Chou dynasty

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the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC

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that Fa-tsang refers to himself in the letter's heading as a monk of the T'ang dynasty--is highlighted as testimony that the letter (unless it has been tampered with) cannot have been written between 19 October 690 and 2 March 705, for during that time the T'ang had been formally replaced by the Chou dynasty of Empress Wu.
During the Chou Dynasty (1122-256 BC), the term sha became an official name to denote a geopolitical settlement of 50 households.
In this attractive book Professor Twitchett reconstructs in minute detail how the chief official history of the T'ang dynasty, known as the T'ang shu or Chiu T'ang shu, was initiated as early as 692, two years after empress Wu Tse-t'ien had declared the Chou dynasty (690-705) to replace the T'ang dynasty of her husband and sons.
Graham's story begins in 770 BC with the collapse of the Bronze Age Chou dynasty and ends in 221 BC with the reunification of China under the First Emperor, Shih-Huang-Ti.