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(Yiddish) an attractive, unconventional woman

(Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket

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In these situations, says Herlihy, your success hinges on the right creative or copy; what's considered too expensive for consumer fields (i.e., pop-ups, sound chips, chotchkes) may be necessary in business-to-business just to get noticed.
Although the chotchkes that surround the figures differ somewhat as to type and disposition, and the standing screens are painted with rather different scenes, still there can be no doubt that this small album leaf is the ultimate progenitor of the later Imperial twins.
Come to Epcot, where you can spend a couple of hours watching videos of highlights of Chinese history, eating Americanized versions of Chinese dishes served by an appropriately costumed "cast" of wait persons, and browsing and shopping among the many, many, many booths and enclaves filled with all the Asian-style chotchkes and souvenirs you can carry (most of which are available at any mall, but not in one convenient setting).
Part of the aesthetic terrorism of the Sonnabend show lay in the fact that nothing was there except Koonses, so one had the scary sense that his killer chotchkes had taken over the world.