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10: all references to the Choson wangjo sillok KISfjE[R] are to the Chinese text of the online edition (http://sillok.
The diplomatic ritual of investiture between Choson Korea and Ming China provides strong evidence of how "mere symbolic acts" designed to express China's superior material power came to constitute part of the reality of the China-centered hierarchy.
ninth century) whose works were printed several times in the Koryo and Choson dynasties.
The generalship did not completely lose its prestige, as did many court ranks and offices sold by the late Choson state.
It became an important nationalistic and nativistic movement before the collapse of the Choson state and during the Japanese colonial period.
THE CHOSON KOREA GOVERNMENT ENGAGED IN REPEATED INTERACTION with Japanese and Jurchen elites, upon whom the king of Choson had bestowed recognition in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
I came because I am worried that my son's health has worsened,'' the Choson Sinbo quoted her as saying at the airport.
For a derailed description of how the Ming commanders pushed the Choson army to march and go into battle without a proper food supply, and of the battle scene, see Yi Minhwan, Chaamjip, Ch'aekchung illok 5:2a-12a, and Cha konju hwanhu chinjong so.
In one of my previous papers, I have examined the context in which under-glaze cobalt-blue porcelain was introduced into Choson from China.
We're much stronger than before," Kim told the Tokyo-based Korean daily Choson Sinbo before his team, minus the J-Leaguers, left Pyongyang on Saturday for pre-World Cup training in Europe.
Adopted from Korea, Anthony volunteers as a counselor to Korean adoptees at Camp Choson.
About a decade earlier, in 1876, Choson (the last Korean dynasty) succumbed to Japanese gunboat diplomacy and signed the Kanghwa Treaty, Korea's first modern treaty.
The first chapter is devoted to the prehistorical period, Chinese rule, and the Three Kingdoms, and the other three chapters present unified Silla, Koryo, and early to middle Choson respectively.
When examining the first group, which were bottles, the viewers can instantly notice that the potter found his inspiration in similar forms of the late Choson dynasty (1392-1910) in Korea.