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Synonyms for stupa

a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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They are made in three parts, the base, the middle section and the chorten or godhead on top.
Another of the monks, Chorten Tenzin, 26, was imprisoned eight times and tortured by Chinese prison guards on account of his political activities in support of Tibetan independence.
We wander in silence from chorten to chorten reading the names and inscriptions.
Pointing out that the people of Bhutan and the Monpas of Tawang district have the same religion, culture and traditions, the GBs said that since olden days the people of Tawang used to visit religious places, like Gombay Kora, Durang Chorten, Gonja Ney, Tango Ney, Thimpu Dzongkha etc.
Package includes: Daily breakfast, accommodation and sightseeing which includes visit to Thimphu Valley, mini zoo, National Library, paper factory and Memorial Chorten in Thimphu, visit to ancestral house of the Royal Family of Bhutan in Trongsa and stay in Punakha and taxes.
vast runs a gallery, organizes art festivals, offers weekend classes in drawing and painting and computer-aided design, and creates opportunities for community participation in socially responsible, creative projects, in one instance collecting and selling discarded plastic bottles to support the restoration of sacred chortens.
And if you've had your share of wanderlust and travelled in the Himalayas, you're likely to have spotted the chortens.
The valleys along the Dochula mountain pass from Thimpu to Punakha in Bhutan are scattered with rhododendrons and star magnolia trees in vivid splashes of pink, orange, red, and white, providing a stunning background to the mighty Punakha dzong (fortress), temples, and chortens (stupas) along the route.