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Synonyms for stupa

a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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They are made in three parts, the base, the middle section and the chorten or godhead on top.
A chorten is the Sherpa word for a monument symbolising Buddha's enlightenment.
But standing amid what looks like yak manure, the chortens silhouetted perfectly against the evening sky as prayer flags ripple in the wind, I feel as if I am actually about to enter a Lhasa older than the one I knew.
Initially, VAST-Yangtse was known as Chorten Kora art club.
He visited Memorial Chorten, a tower built in the memory of the late JICA expert Keiji Nishioka, then saw for himself how the National Seed Centre's greenhouse, culture laboratory and seed processing equipment are being used for the production, development and spread of seeds and saplings.
We wander in silence from chorten to chorten reading the names and inscriptions.
Pointing out that the people of Bhutan and the Monpas of Tawang district have the same religion, culture and traditions, the GBs said that since olden days the people of Tawang used to visit religious places, like Gombay Kora, Durang Chorten, Gonja Ney, Tango Ney, Thimpu Dzongkha etc.
Kailas, but without any, even shortest and smallest frame of gompa or chorten.
At dusk, the town's 18th-century chorten (Buddhist shrine), based on that of Bodhnath near Kathmandu, was luminous against dark hills.
For example, given a choice, from the entire journey of Vineet Kacker's ceramic career it is the Chorten forms or Spirit Markers that Raj cherishes most.
R (P) To Restoration Of Chorten And Wooden Floor Of Dubdi Monastery At Yuksam, Sikkim Under Geyzing Sub Circle For The Year 2015-16.
When Charang first comes into view the bright colours of the temple, the towering fortress and the painted chorten on the edge of the town stand out in sharp contrast to the green fields and dusty ridges.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will commemorate the 20th anniversary of establishment of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the entry into force of the chemical weapons convention (CWC) on December 11, by lighting a thousand butter lamps at the National Memorial Chorten.
Location of Project and Description of Site : The Project will be implemented at the Hotel s existing site at Satsam Chorten, Paro, a town in Paro valley in the western part of Bhutan.
Package includes: Daily breakfast, accommodation and sightseeing which includes visit to Thimphu Valley, mini zoo, National Library, paper factory and Memorial Chorten in Thimphu, visit to ancestral house of the Royal Family of Bhutan in Trongsa and stay in Punakha and taxes.