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a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

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A second requirement was to preserve their country shape, which suggested a Choropleth map of Brazil as an appropriate subject of study.
ArcGIS version 10.3 (Environmental Systems Research Institute, US) was used to produce choropleth maps of rates.
Thomas et al., "Choropleth map design for cancer incidence, part 1," Preventing Chronic Disease, vol.
At this stage, Task 2 with two subtasks enabled us to verify whether the participants figured out how to interact with the choropleth map (i.e., how to pan, zoom, select an area, change thematic layers, etc.) and whether they managed to interpret the information presented on the map.
We applied the same assumptions in our study to the design of class symbology on a tactile choropleth map. Thus, tactile fill symbols for choropleth maps may need to be created with maximum differences among them and with nonlinear steps between the number of dots included to make up each fill pattern.
The majority of maps used by retail organization show data depicted flora an abstract 2D plan view, such as a choropleth map that is viewed flora directly overhead and represents data values through colour or shading.
The microplot map (NCI 2004c) shows 95% confidence intervals for the units, and their intervals may overlap even though a choropleth map indicates a difference.
This booklet consists of a choropleth map showing the total number of registered automobiles, 33 variations of this map, and descriptions of common map layout and design errors.
A choropleth map shows the boundaries of administrative or other districts and classifies the observations for each district with colors or patterns.
Choropleth map of risk for bovine TB in wildlife, Portugal, showing the probability of the presence of bovine TB in wildlife in counties based on the conditional autoregressive spatial generalized linear mixed model.
The spatial effects of different districts are listed in Table 2 and can be further visualised in the Choropleth map (Figure 1).
"Choropleth Map Legend Design for Visualizing Community Health Disparities." International Journal of Health Geographies 8 (1): 52-62.
We thank the Royal Thai Army Medical Department for specimen collection and Nucharee Thongsen for specimen processing and creating hepatitis E IgG seroprevalence choropleth map of Thailand.
For example, if a book contained 20 language maps with proportional circles and one choropleth language map, we would survey one proportional circle map and the one choropleth map. This methodology helps to capture the diversity of language mapping strategies as well as prevent survey redundancy of a source.
These maps demonstrate two types of cartographic methods--a choropleth map and a diagram map (Kanok 1999; Vozenilek et al.