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a map that uses graded differences in shading or color or the placing of symbols inside defined areas on the map in order to indicate the average values of some property or quantity in those areas

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We can look at how the more prominent role of Europe and high-income countries compares with the rest of the world in more detail in the choropleth maps shown in figures 2-4.
The choropleth map identified significant clusters of leprosy in Kebbi state in the North West geopolitical zone of the country at P < 0-01.
These five classifications are presented in choropleth maps containing five greyscale colours.
Road densities of different towns were mentioned through choropleth map.
Prior to this, information on the soil was held in reports and choropleth maps.
Goovaerts, P A coherent geostatistical approach for combining choropleth map and field data in the spatial interpolation of soil properties.
However, this section is possibly most valuable for its explanation of the issues arising from choropleth mapping, rather than for the maps themselves.
We thank the Royal Thai Army Medical Department for specimen collection and Nucharee Thongsen for specimen processing and creating hepatitis E IgG seroprevalence choropleth map of Thailand.
If you're using a particular technique, such as a stacked bar graph or choropleth mapping technique, follow the standard rules and conventions for that technique.
In 1829, French lawyer and social ecologist Andre-Michel Guerry used one of the first choropleth maps.
The data are presented in visual form on choropleth maps that use different colors or shades to depict the average values in each area.
Cartographer pair wise compares the importance of the setting of coordinate system of software with the library of point, line and area symbols or with the possibilities to create choropleth map or an automatic function of generation of legend.
Figure 6 is a choropleth map showing the number of high-achieving students in each county of the United States.
The library utilized both the zip codes and the health topics requested by users to create choropleth maps that reflected the rate of calls to Preston's CAPHIS as related to disease prevalence in the state of Tennessee [20].
If it is a thematic map; this is, a map that displays information about a specific theme; the different units are colored according to the information displayed (what is known as a choropleth map), or with symbols representing either quantitative or qualitative information (for example, a proportional symbol map).