choroid plexus

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a vascular plexus of the cerebral ventricles that regulate intraventricular pressure

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The treatment of nonobstructive (communicating) hydrocephalus by endoscopic cauterization of the choroid plexuses.
Histological sections were obtained for analysis of nuclear alterations in the cuboidal epithelium of choroid plexuses of lateral ventricles in the rat fetuses.
The longest axis of nuclei of epithelial cuboidal cells of the choroid plexuses, in animals treated with phenytoin, showed significant decrease in size, significant decrease of nuclear volume, area and perimeter and a reduction in mean axis, ratio of the longest axis to the shortest axis and of the ratio of nuclear volume to nuclear area.
The present study allows us to claim that even the use of low dose of phenytoin during gestation could induce changes in nuclei of epithelial cuboidal cells of the choroid plexuses of lateral ventricles in rat fetuses.
Found deep inside the brain the choroid plexuses are network structures that produce CSF, which in turn "cushions" the central nervous system.
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