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Synonyms for choreography

the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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Moving Frontiers is being hosted by choreographer Dora Frankel who trained at the Rambert School of Ballet and The Benesh Institute of Choregraphy. It will showcase work of leading local and regional professional dance makers and performers.
I didn't want to rely on editing or choregraphy, I wanted to look and be the part, for real."
Choregraphy is another who likes it here, being unbeaten in two starts, but stamina is a worry for both, although horses leaving the speed-oriented yard of David Nicholls often stay further than they did for him, so I would not totally rule out Choreography on that score.
The choregraphy is by Gauri Sharma Tripathi, a leading exponent of modern Kathak dance.
Copyright Printed and electronic media, such as books, music, art, photography, film, or choregraphy. Computer programs or architectural designs.
Robert Cohan, whose association with Scottish Ballet started in 1993 with A Midsummer Night's Dream, provides the choregraphy and Carl Davis the music.
Yet the redundant symmetry of the choregraphy signified a dead end rather than a catalystic meeting of talent.