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a stately Protestant (especially Lutheran) hymn tune


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The interior verses of the chorales involve an assorted mix of solo, duet, and choral movements.
A fine example of this new wave of Telemann scholarship is Ute Poetzsch's critical edition of five chorale settings composed between the mid-1740s and 1754: Christus, der ist mein Leben TVWV 1:138; Du, o schemes Weltgebaude TVWV 1:394; Ich bin ja, Herr, in deiner Macht TVWV 1:822; Jesu, meine Freude TVWV 1:970; and Jesus, meine Zuversicht TVWV 1:984.
1, 5, and 9 are chorales evidently planned for congregational participation, but provenance also suggests that the choir sang them.
The "anchoring" and other visual cuing strategies still will apply; however, unlike the chorales the student previously has studied, now markings will be made primarily between the staves.
Before the appearance of the Worship Supplement nearly all liturgies available for Lutherans were set to adaptations of either Gregorian or Anglican chant music or to chorale settings.
Numerous chorales are based on themes of death and dying and as an assistant organist, Neumeister would have had frequent funeral services to play and would certainly have made use of those particular chorales.
Dallas: The award-winning Turtle Creek Chorale presents "Bells, Bows, & Bangles" (December 19-22) with special guests Resounding Joy, a bell ensemble from the city's Cathedral of Hope, the nation's largest Metropolitan Community Church congregation.
The women were brought together last year to keep busy while their regular chorale group went on hiatus for the summer.
It is important for the argument to establish that it is the first stanzas of the chorales and not any of the subsequent ones that the composer aims to portray, and this Schneider does very well.
I am certain that the situation was the same in the case of many of the sixteenth-century chorales.
Strings Alive starts with "Two Chorales," for three voices.
Peppered with familiar chorales and devoutly buoyant, the appeal of Bach's Christmas Oratorio isn't difficult to understand.
One hundred-sixty voices of the combined Los Robles and Ventura County master chorales will fill every corner of the Probst Auditorium with the strains of one of the most dynamic oratorio works every written.
While some chorale preludes, notably those of Johann Sebastian Bach, are heard as musical objects in recital, the chorale prelude also continues to function within Christian worship in its intended relationship to congregational chorales or hymns.
THOUSAND OAKS - More than 200 singers from the nationally renowned Angeles Chorale and the UCLA Chorale will be joined Saturday by the UCLA Orchestra as they perform Johannes Brahms' ``Requiem'' at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza.