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a condition of disability resulting from the loss of one or more limbs

a surgical removal of all or part of a limb

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For the person with Chopart amputation in Sample B, amputation reduced the mass of the foot segment, brought the CM closer to the ankle, and reduced the value of I compared with the conventional foot segment (Table 3).
For the subject with Chopart amputation in Sample B, the customized model increased the peak knee and hip joint moments and powers during both initial and terminal swing by between 17 and 39 percent (Table 4).
In the subject with unilateral Chopart amputation (3004-1102A), reductions in cadence and stride length were not outside the 95% CI of the control group.
The horizontal GRF patterns observed on the affected limb(s) during loading response were quite variable, with timing of the first peak delayed and the magnitude of the peak reduced more commonly, but not exclusively, in those with bilateral Chopart amputation (Figure 1(b)-(c)).
By contrast, the subjects with Chopart amputation exhibited a more normal CoP excursion pattern despite the more proximal amputation (Figure 3(b)-(c)).
Of note was the knee hyperextension observed on the affected limbs of the subjects with Chopart amputation (Figure 5(b)-(c)).