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United States linguist whose theory of generative grammar redefined the field of linguistics (born 1928)

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He would accept any innate apparatus if it was determined by behavioural facts; however, no behavioural facts (including the phonological tests suggested by Chomsky) will help us decide between attributing rule system (A) over rule system (B), if they are extensionally equivalent.
Chomsky initially acquired renown within academia as a groundbreaking master of linguistics.
Chomsky commented on remarks by Leibowitz who was nominated for the Israel Prize saying that "Leibowitz warned that if the occupation continues, Israeli Jews are going to turn into what he called, Judeo-Nazis".
Pica & Associates is excited to announce the addition of Chomsky, Therapy Dog In-Training at their St.
Chomsky's dictate mandating a non-causal, non-processual system of inner grammatical representations has governed the party line of Chomskyan generative syntax from its beginnings through its evolution into Government and Binding Theory (GB) down to its current mainstream form as Minimalism.
Noam Chomsky is a famous anarchist and scientist, but he is not an anarchist scientist.
Chomsky questioned Trump's long-held claim that he's against the Washington establishment and specifically pointed to the president's cabinet, which included former Goldman Sachs executive and new Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, according to ( an interview posted by AlterNet.
At the age of eighty-seven, the renowned linguist, philosopher, historian, cognitive scientist, and critic Noam Chomsky maintains the same clarity found in any of his books, lectures, or television appearances dating back to the 1970s.
In an interview with Democracy Now, Chomsky warned that the recent of "near collisions" between Russian and US forces amid a growing Western military buildup on Russian borders may bring about nuclear annihilation, presstv reported.
In this context, Chomsky's book offers a timely and comprehensive view into the economic and legal instruments that produce undocumented immigration in the United States.
In a preview video on the network's website, Chomsky is questioned about Erdoy-an's recent comments in which he called on "so-called" intellectuals to pick a side.
Aviva Chomsky masters the power of imagery in her recent book, Undocumented: How Immigration Became Illegal.