Mount Everest

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a mountain in the central Himalayas on the border of Tibet and Nepal

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I am at the limit of my physical capacity and I implore Miyolangsangma, the goddess who is said to inhabit the top of Chomolungma, to allow me to complete this spiritual journey.
Os santuarios de montanha das quatro elevacoes sagradas dos budistas e das cinco montanhas sagradas dos antigos chineses, cobertas com templos e mosteiros e visitadas durante o ano inteiro por bandos de peregrinos de todas as partes do pais, oferecem um exemplo excelente (17), como tambem o fazem as Montanhas Diamante na Coreia centro-nordeste (18) e, especialmente, os numerosos mosteiros tibetanos aos pes, nas encostas, e sobre os picos de montanhas tais como as Kailas, Chomolungma (Everest), ou Minya Gongkar.
But if people, not least the British, are going to start making a song and dance about the Chinese holding a torch aloft above the permanent snows of Everest next month (on the grounds that to the Tibetans the peak is the sacred "mother goddess of the universe"), then the least anyone can do is to call it by its correct, Tibetan, name, Chomolungma.
Everest is 29,028ft high, or 8848 metres The Tibetan name for the mountain is Chomolungma or Qomolangma, translated as Mother of the Universe or Goddess Mother of the Snows.
In Nepal it is called Sagarmatha, goddess of the sky, and in Tibet, Chomolungma, meaning mother goddess of the universe.
Myanmar or Burma; Kampuchea or Cambodia; Kolkata or Calcutta; Sagarmatha or Chomolungma or Mount Everest: In each case, the choice is fraught with partisan emotion every bit as fierce as the emotions that divided Capulets from Montagues in medieval Verona.
They wrote the play Chomolungma as their last project with the Education Action Zone (EAZ), which ends in the town this summer.
Sherpa Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit of the mountain the Tibetans call Chomolungma - Mother Goddess of the Earth - on May 29, 1953.
Everest - Chomolungma, the Mother Goddess of the World - may consent to be climbed but she is too beautiful, too wild and dangerous to be tamed.
Sherpa Tenzing and Sir Edmund reached the summit of the mountain the Tibetans call Chomolungma - Mother Goddess of the Earth - on May 29, 1953.
She exhibits her profound respect for Everest (known to Tibetans as Chomolungma, or Mother Goddess of the Earth), Tibetan spiritual practices, and the fickle - and deadly - forces of nature.
PUBLICATIONS Chomolungma Sings The Blues (about the despoliation of Mount Everest) Writes for Arena, Climber and Men's Health.
35) Tenzing told Life that he had often looked at Chomolungma as a boy: `Then I sit think what lamas at Thyangboche say.
Everest, Chomolungma or Sagarmatha), the Himalaya is the world's largest mountain range, coveting 3.
At cippe2010, Yongjin Xie, the group's deputy director made an impressive statement during a CCTV interview that the new domestic record of drilling depth has reached 8,400 meters, almost equal to the height of Chomolungma.