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Synonyms for anticholinergic

a substance that opposes or blocks the action of acetylcholine

inhibiting or blocking the action of acetylcholine at a receptor site


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Muscarinic cholinergic antagonists counteracted this effect induced by phenylephrine, shortening the PR interval length as follow: pirenzepine on the TC and TCCP groups, methoctramine on the CG and CP groups, and tropicamide on the CG and TC groups.
Muscarinic cholinergic antagonists did not have significant effects on the QRS complex length, with the exception of methoctramine, which diminished the duration of the QRS complex on the CG and CP groups, but not on TC and TCCP groups (Anova test, p < 0.
In contrast, in the present study, when we introduced NGF to initiate differentiation, the cholinergic antagonists provided partial protection against the deficits in cell numbers, as evidenced by a reduced effect of CPF on DNA content.
Here, though, neither the cholinergic antagonists nor nicotine proved beneficial in protecting the cells from CPF.
Cholinergic antagonists, although totally ineffective in preventing the antimitotic effects of CPF in undifferentiated cells (Song et al.