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an animal sterol that is normally synthesized by the liver

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He found cholesterine absent from healthy blood and showed that fibrin and albumin had almost identical chemical properties, an observation later confirmed by Liebig.
La cholesterine n'a, je crois, jamais ete trouvee dans le sang par les chimistes, cependant je l'y ai rencontree mais seulement dans quelques especes de cette humeur, ce qui me fait penser qu'elle est un produit morbide', Denis PS.
Fluids and gases Water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and so forth Globules Red, white, chyle, and lymph Albuminous substances Fibrin and albumin; globulin Coloring matter Hematosine, yellow biliary matter, blue matter Fatty matter Cerebrine, seroline, cholesterine, fatty acids Odorous matter Alliaceous matter Saline matter Alkalis, soluble salts Imponderables Electricity, heat