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Synonyms for toxin



Synonyms for toxin

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

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a poisonous substance produced during the metabolism and growth of certain microorganisms and some higher plant and animal species

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A-C, Cholera toxin subunit B-labeled positive neurons (red) and FKN-immunoreactive neurons (green) were co-expressed in specific neurons (yellow in merged image).
2008) Ingestion of transgenic carrots expressing the Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin B subunit protects mice against cholera toxin challenge.
Local and systemic immune responses to rectal administration of recombinant cholera toxin B subunit in humans.
Lysogenic conversion by a filamentous phage encoding cholera toxin.
We used cholera toxin and the simplest of adjuvants, which was aluminum.
The vaccine consists of a cocaine derivative and a deactivated cholera toxin which bind onto the drug, making it too big to get into the brain.
In these reports, sperm motility and nitric oxide production were inhibited by cholera toxin, and motility was recovered by the addition of the nitric oxide/peroxynitrite-releasing drug 3-morphollnosydnonimine (SIN-1).
Intranasal immunizations were given using VLPs either with or without the addition of the mucosal adjuvant cholera toxin.
Hazardous chemicals such as cholera toxin are often needed as cofactors to increase the effectiveness of oral vaccines.
To generate a detection signal, the researchers link receptor molecules designed to latch onto the cholera toxin with reporting molecules that fluoresce when struck with a pulse of laser light.
To date for the CRADA, LANL has constructed a new bench-top type waveguide based biosensor system, developed a validated assay for a Tuberculosis biomarker, evaluated multiple assays developed using the bench top system specifically built for Biomagnetics, and is working on re-optimizing the proximity based assay for the cholera toxin on the newly constructed system.
cholerae is a notifiable infection, and isolates from persons with suspected infections are submitted to the reference laboratory for confirmation, serotyping, and PCR testing for the cholera toxin gene (ctx).
17) The recombinant protein was confirmed by western blot using anti-His-tag -conjugated HRP and anti-CTXB antiserum as LTB is structurally very similar to B subunit of cholera toxin (CTXB).
Washington, Sept 12 ( ANI ): Researchers have identified an underlying biochemical mechanism that helps make cholera toxin so deadly, often resulting in life-threating diarrhea.
The principle of AEZS-120 is based on the recombinant expression of prostate specific antigen fused to the B subunit of cholera toxin and a secretion signal in the presence of the Escherichia coli type I hemolysin secretion system.