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complete power over a person or situation

a restraining hold

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Stehr said officers did not use choke holds, stun guns or blows in making the arrest.
Prior to the Rodney King incident, the LAPD was criticized for deaths resulting from choke holds that officers used as one of their force options.
Techniques include but are not limited to empty hand fighting using all forms of striking, punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, choke holds, joint locks, throws, pressure points and ground fighting.
Students start with Level One, an introduction to choke holds, headlocks, combative punches and kicks.
Not only designed to provide realtors with safety tips, the training program also offers a physical defense training session where police officers prepare realtors for unexpected holds such as bear hugs and how to escape them, how to break handholds, and ways to defend themselves against choke holds.
From the very first class, you learn real street-defense situations: how to protect yourself from an attack with a knife, from choke holds.
They also learnt the physical side of it such as eye gouging and kicking, breaking out of restraints and choke holds and how to defend yourself if you are attacked.