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a boy who sings in a choir

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The master (in the pre-Reformation period usually called the almoner) selected children to be choristers; his prerogative was to 'take up' boys who were singers in collegiate churches, bring them to London, and train them as choirboys.
Erie Rice surveys the education of choirboys at Aachen's Marienkirche in the sixteenth, century, while Noel O'Regan brings us full circle from Dyer's study of the medieval schola cantorum to the training of choir boys in early modern Rome.
The choirboys from Canterbury Cathedral will be making a trip to the Rhondda as part of the Music in the Community initiative The choir will be singing at St Anne's Church, Ynyshir PICTURE: Richard Williams [umlaut]
For instance, Roscoe Rules, is the most outrageous of the Choirboys.
What's different about them is that these young lads - 11-year-old CJ is the youngest - are The Choirboys, the first ever choirboy boy-band.
I've met a few choirboys who can run rings round me in a game of chess, but they've all been ruddy useless at football.
Choirboys rose from their places and raced to the wall at the side of the dais in order to peer up at the sky.
TWO of the heroes who saved Coventry Cathedral from catastrophic fire damage and helped lead choirboys to safety were being rewarded for their deeds today.
Wambaugh, a former LAPD detective sergeant, is known for his meticulous research in such acclaimed cop-themed best sellers as ``The Onion Field,'' ``The Choirboys,'' ``The New Centurions'' and nearly a dozen other titles.
Lane's Whiteside is literally a bitch on wheels who has a soft spot in his heart for paroled convicts and choirboys, and Byron Jennings plays Beverly with a suave narcissism that speaks volumes.
A sex fiend lifer let out of jail to mix with choirboys at a Scots cathedral has been moved on - after a Sunday Mail investigation.
If not, it can lead to disastrous events such as those described by Joseph Wambaugh in The Choirboys, his darkly humorous novel describing the antics of a group of dysfunctional police officers.
One explanation for the low esteem into which Congress has fallen is that its members present themselves to the voters as choirboys who then fall embarrassingly short of that image and come off sounding like hypocrites.
The office of the day was chanted in travesty, then a procession was formed, and all sorts of foolery were indulged in, such as playing dice on the altar and priests dressing as women and choirboys.
Clerics, clearly concerned about the prospect of over-excited choirboys in their cassocks, have briefed all members of staff at the cathedral not to hassle the 29-year-old star.