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a screen in a church

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Fourteen Royal Marines above the choir screen dut down their silver trumpets.
In Wakefield Cathedral on the choir screen we see the dragon trampled down by both Mary and Christ himself.
Already in 1517 the Utrecht Cathedral had ordered a brass choir screen in the Italianate mode with the telling words that all traces of the Gothic were to be avoided; Gossaert was called in to ensure that the design met these specifications.
Mr Skidmore, who was born in London in 1816 and moved to Coventry to set up his Skidmore Art Metal Company, worked with Sir George on many other projects - notably the choir screen for Hereford Cathedral, now in store at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
The first was that the new level floor from choir screen to the east end was a 'restoration' and that the gradus chori or step to the east of the stalls and the further steps to the altar were installed only in 1774.
Now all 14,000 parts of the choir screen have now been carefully repainted and reassembled like a giant iron jigsaw puzzle.
Malone stresses that in the replication of the formal motifs of sacred shrines, reliquaries, tombs, and especially choir screens, the thirteenth-century viewer understood the facade's lower zone "as a heavenly choir screen" (127).