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the way of administering a business

the direction of an orchestra or choir

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Yet, the festivals in the 1950s, especially the thirteenth general song celebration, which took place in 1950 after mass deportations of Estonians to Siberia in 1949, including several choir conductors, were strongly ideological.
All the great figures of the Estonian Song Celebration Movement of the 21st century whom I have had the opportunity to interview describe Vettik as a talented choir conductor, and an extraordinary teacher (but also an extremely controversial personality).
Having taken her higher music studies at Yale and University of Michigan, she was recommended by Palaruan as choir conductor.
The choir's conductor is Jon Flydal Blichfeldt, who is a trained cellist and choir conductor from The Grieg Academy and Tromso University College.
Sound Advice: Becoming a Better Children's Choir Conductor, by Jean Ashworth Bartle with forward by Sir David Willcocks.
Voices of Namibia choir members all stood in the FNB Auditorium on Wednesday evening, chatting away when suddenly choir conductor, Ryno Burger brought them to action.
Plamen's role at S&A Produce is a far cry from life in Bulgaria where he became a choir conductor and music teacher.
Choir conductor Catherine Hegarty wanted to show their appreciation and gratitude for Ms Baird's help when she sang Imagine with the children at the John Lennon Peace Memorial event in October last year.
Tickets cost pounds 5 and are available to buy from Cornerstones centre for the community on 01913881313, choir secretary Ron Wilson on 01915279734, or choir conductor Stephen Rowe on 01913885112.
Choir conductor Cefin Roberts said: "We usually rehearse once a week, but we've stepped it up to twice a week since winning the semi-final.
You have also worked as a choir conductor at the Prague National theater's opera.
Originally, my passion was to become a choir conductor, but I eventually steered away from that.
Choir conductor Paul Leddington-Wright said: "The experience will be everything a Christmas Concert should be, with wonderful music, young people, mince pies and wine".
Of all the world's choral masterpieces, the one that puts Eugene Concert Choir conductor Diane Retallack in heaven is Guiseppe Verdi's Requiem.
Former music teacher and choir conductor Tony Williams, from Heath, adopted a slate because he says music has been a big part of his life.