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Synonyms for choice

Synonyms for choice

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

one that is selected

the superlative or most preferable part of something


of fine quality

appealing to refined taste

singled out in preference

Synonyms for choice

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But there's a limit to how many choices each of us has time to make, and most people in the rich world are pretty much maxed out already.
While it's worth rooting for almost any reform that truly provides better choices for students stuck in dysfunctional schools, it's hard not to conclude that the most efficient way to improve education for the millions of such children is by doing it the old-fashioned way: by fixing the schools they already attend.
In fact, it can be downright attractive when enrollments are rising or when choice relieves them of disgruntled parents or low-performing students.
Just as figuring out a way that taxpayers can use modern technology to customize some services represents the positive side of '90s optimism, Cherny's conception of the politics behind such changes incorporates the most depressing aspects of our contemporary notions of things like freedom, choice, and power.
Denise Smith, Director of Human Resources for the Imperial County Office of Education, says, "We found that Elite Choice offered the most comprehensive and competitively priced program.
It has blossomed from a single location opened in 1986 to 43 restaurants under the Fresh Choice and Zoopa brand names.
Broad access to brand and generic drugs with a wide choice of
For instance, Star Choice will launch four additional local channels by the end of April.
Patient Choice is beginning network development and plans to have a network in place in the greater Boston-Worcester area for Jan.
MeringCarson, Sacramento, CA, designed the Wise Choices advertising program and based their campaign on research that showed raisins have a great opportunity to raise awareness and build demand among key target audiences.
The rehabilitation literature encourages assessment of problem solving skills as part of the vocational planning process for those individuals who are felt to be experiencing difficulties in making choices (Syzmanski & Parker, 1996, Rubin & Roessler, 2001, Zunker, 2002).
But when faced with the actual choices conservatives present, they aren't buying.
I hope that when those people ask their children for help figuring out Medicare prescription drug choices, their kids are more sympathetic.
Most people feel their choices of politics, country, religion, or even eating, are better than other people's choices.