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(classical mythology) a hero noted for his strength

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The Choice of Hercules not only implied a general potential for sensual indulgence; it was on occasion explicitly fused with the banquet of sense: in a late-sixteenth or early seventeenth-century etching of the scene, after a painting by Jan Saenredam, Pleasure tempts Hercules with an image of just such a banquet.
In 1985 their newly formed company, Opera Atelier, stunned Toronto audiences with a brilliant period production of Handel's The Choice of Hercules, and they have never looked back.
Perhaps for that reason, he often chose subdued colours and applied them cautiously, as in The Choice of Hercules (National Gallery), like someone working in tempera on plaster rather than oils on canvas.
1503) is a misnomer for a painting which should properly be called Hercules at the Crossroads or The Choice of Hercules.