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a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Alabama

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the Muskhogean language of the Choctaw

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Author Tingle is a storyteller and an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, a tribe in which I am enrolled, is headquartered in southeastern Oklahoma and has a tribal citizenry of just over 175,000.
Author Tim Tingle is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and illustrator Jeanne Rorex Bridges is of Cherokee ancestry.
Choctaw Nation Of Oklahoma, 203 Choctaw Industrial Dr.
Indians in the US, including members of the Choctaw Nation, were not accorded citizenship at that time; but without regard to this lack of citizenship, many members of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and other Indian tribes and Nations enlisted in the armed forces to fight on behalf of the US, Senator Inhofe noted.
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has implemented some new technological means of teaching the Choctaw language to its dispersed members.
San Francisco's Irish have honoured Chief Hollis Roberts of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for the help his people gave.
6388at the housing authority of the choctaw nation of oklahoma 207 jim monroe rd (po box g) hugo,ok 74743.
Ratliff, known for his moderate views, is a registered lobbyist whose clients include the American Insurance Association, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, T-Mobile USA and exonerated former death row inmate Michael Morton, according to the Texas Ethics Commission filings.
Last January, the President named the first five Promise Zones: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
Author Akers, an enrolled citizen of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, teaches Native American history at the University of Nebraska.
Flintco provided Construction Management Services to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
Shell Shaker (2001) by LeAnne Howe (Choctaw) is a novel that gives students an opportunity to learn that the history and culture of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma are alive today.