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a member of the Muskhogean people formerly living in Alabama

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the Muskhogean language of the Choctaw

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Choctaw Nation Chief Mr Batton welcomed Mr Varadkar and said: "We consider it a great honour to have you here.
These newly designed Promise Zones join five others that President Obama designated in January 2014--Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Antonio, southeastern Kentucky, and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
Dynever, trained by Christophe Clement and ridden by Jose Santos, came with a late burst of speed to take second from the Jeff Mullins-trained Choctaw Nation, the mount of Victor Espinoza.
The family business grew and in the early 1970's served Latimer County and the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.
Born in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory (now Oklahoma), in January 1883, Patrick J.
Sparks Regional Medical Center, Cooper Clinic, t ht Choctaw Nation Health Services Authority arid Community Health Centers of Arkansas.
This is how you can come in' but work in a partnership with people who are culturally safe, culturally sensitive, who believe that doing research is not just to benefit themselves but to benefit the community," said Solomon, a member of the Choctaw Nation.
Using a combination of genealogy and family lore, the book delineates Meredith's complex lineage--a heritage in which the bloodline of Dahomey kings in Africa intersects with that of the leader of the Choctaw Nation and the "founding father of White supremacy in Mississippi.
Supporters of Tuskahoma, the former capital of the Choctaw Nation, sought to reassure diplomats about the town's residents: "The Indians .
local time (1130 GMT) on Tuesday near the Choctaw Nation Hospital in Talihina, a town about 225 km from state capital Oklahoma City, the hospital's spokesperson Brandy Griffin told local media.
Peter Perkins Pitchlynn (1806-1881), the son of a Scottish immigrant and his Choctaw wife, was a bilingual negotiator for Choctaw tribes; he later became chief of the newly established Choctaw Nation.
The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has selected Claims Manager from JDi Data Corp.
LeFlore, as principal chief of the Choctaw Nation in 1830, had been pivotal in negotiating the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.
18" turquoise necklace and earrings made by a Choctaw Nation artist;